Number 02, June 2022


Using Memristor Element to Improve the Reliability of Digital Circuits
PP.38-43 , Paper Code: EN152
Author: Mohamed A. Abufalgha

Single Curvature Bending Results of Structural Stitched Textile Reinforcements Part II: Quantitative Analysis Using Taguchi Method
PP. 44-49 , Paper Code: EN153
Author: Hafeth Bu Jldain

Students’ Transportation Problems in University Campus A Case Study, Tripoli University, Libya
PP. 50-55 , Paper Code: EN154
Author: Islah Abubaker Benarafa and Demet Irkli Eryildiz

Design of Lead, Lag and Lead-Lag Compensators Based on Frequency Response Approach
  PP.56-61 , Paper Code: EN155
Author: F. Jalgham , M. Zaggout  and E. Larbah

Thermal Comfort in Different Types of Buildings: A review study
  PP.62-70, Paper Code: EN156
Author: Fatima M Elaiab

Tracking Control of a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Using Advanced Control Algorithms
 PP. 71-79, Paper Code: EN157
Author: Ahmed J. Abougarair

Evaluation of Characteristics :Case Study of the Implemented Speed Humps in the City of Misurata
PP. 80-84, Paper Code: EN158
Author: Abdulmonem Alkabeer, Abdullah Eldareni, Emadeddin Gadah and Mahmoud Eldeek

Influence of GFRP Confinement of Reinforced Concrete Columns Exposed to Sodium Chloride on Microstructure and Hydration Products
PP. 85-91 , Paper Code: EN159
Author: Naseebah Husayn, Hana Aljewifi and Oualid Limam

Performance Analysis of Dual-Arm Printed Monopole Antenna for LTE1800/2600
PP.92-95 , Paper Code: EN160
Author: Asma A. Alsoussa, Ghaith Mansour, Mohammed Elmahdi and Ekasit Nugoolcharoenlap

Moore And Chien Correlation To Address The Issue Of  Hole Cleaning In Guba Field – Libya
PP. 96-101 , Paper Code: EN161
Author: Mahfoud Zayed Abdulla Aghanaya

اختيار المتغير ذو الكسر الأكبر أو الأصغر كأساس للتفريع في طريقة التفريع والتحديد
ع.ص: 24-33 ، الرقم المرجعي للورقة : ع.هـ.19
عبد الله محمــد الشــــيخ،سمية معمر امسلم والصديق ميلاد أبوعود

استخدام نفايات الكسارات لتحسين خواص التربة الطينية
ع.ص: 34-37 ، الرقم المرجعي للورقة : ع.هـ.20
معـمـر محـمـد الغــــــــويـل، بد المنعم مصطفى السوقي و منى عـــــثـمــان الـــــــدبـــــــاح


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