Number 01,December 2016


A Review of Concrete Structure in Terms of  Deterioration and Strengthening with Analysis of Recent Technology
PP. 1-4 , Paper Code: EN022
Author: Khalifa S. Gallouz and Ahmed E. Dihoum                       

Monitoring and Quantifying Burn Wounds on Pig Skin using Thermal Measurements
PP. 5-12 , Paper Code: EN023
Authors:  Abdusalam Al-khwaji and Tom Diller

Oil Formation Volume Factor Empirical Correlations for some Libyan Crude Oils
PP. 13-17 , Paper Code: EN024
Authors:  Elmahboub A. Edreder, Khulud M. Rahuma and Hamza A.Kalaflla

Pedestrian Gap Acceptance and Crossing Decision outside Crossing Facilities along Urban Streets in Malaysia: A Case Study of Rughaya Street, Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia
PP. 18-22 , Paper Code: EN025
Authors: Issam O.alajnaf, Khaled M.Emhamed and Moftah M. Almadani

Fixed Output Voltage for Solar Cells Based on Buck Converter
PP. 23-29 , Paper Code: EN026
Authors: Ahmed M. Bakir and Ahmed A. Baaiu

Causes  and trends of Motorcycle Accidents
PP. 30-35 , Paper Code: EN027
Authors: Mohamed M. Benzair

Stability Analysis of Controlled DC Motor
PP. 36-44 , Paper Code: EN028
Authors: A. Elbkosh  and  I. Farhat

Expand of Alkhoms 30KV Power Distribution Network
PP. 45-49 , Paper Code: EN029
Authors: M. I. Abozaed and A. A. Elaloul

A study on Effect of Surface Finishing Processes on Surface Roughness of AISI D2 Tool Steel
PP. 50-57 , Paper Code: EN030
Authors: Mhmod A A Hamel and Mahmud EM. Abid

Thermal Efficiency in Steel Reheating Process
PP. 58-61 , Paper Code: EN031
Authors: H. T. Abuluwefa and F. Abusayf

Performance Analysis and Aerodynamic Design of Axial Flow Compressors
PP. 62-70 , Paper Code: EN032
Authors: Saleh.B. Mohamed and Mohamed.H.El-Hasnawi

تقييم محاجر الركام الناعم (الرمال) بمدينة مصراتة
ع.ص: 1-7 ، الرقم المرجعي للورقة : ع.هـ.08 
أ.د مصباح فلاق و م.حاتم الفصير


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