Number 01, December 2014


Evaluation of Annealing Stages in Low Carbon Steel using Magnetic Barkhausen Noise
PP. 1-7, Code Paper EN001
Authors: Mohamed Blaow, Brian Shaw

Magnetic Behavior of Size-Controlled Co3O4 Nanoparticles Synthesized in the Pores of Functionalized Silica
PP. 8-11, Code Paper EN002
Authors: Mohamed Ballem, Mohamed Blaow, Fredrik Söderlind

Applying High-Temperature Superconductor Technologies into Power Systems
PP. 12-16, Code Paper EN003
Authors: Mustafa Elsherif, Mahmoud Zaggout, Elfadil Yahia

Reliability Analysis of Fatigue Crack Growth in Plain Concrete
PP. 17-26, Code Paper EN004
Authors: Mustafa Aldalinsi

Investigation into Morphology of Cavitation Erosion-Corrosion Pits on the Surface of Carbon Steel
PP. 27-33, Code Paper EN005
Authors: Salem Karrab, Mohammed Aboraia, Mohammed Doheim, Shemy Ahmed


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